Frozen Blueberry Yogurt with Avocado

These tasty snacks are amazing for every occasion – breakfast, snack, or a dessert. Avocados are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, different vitamins, and minerals. They are loaded with fibers that contribute to better digestion and weight loss. Top with fluffy whipped cream and enjoy! Serves: 3 Preparation time: 35 minutes Cooking time:- … Continue reading Frozen Blueberry Yogurt with Avocado

Creme Caramel

Vibrant color and flavor make this famous dessert and exceptional treat all year round. Make sure to use the best possible cream cheese you can find for the unique tender taste that Creme Caramel has to offer. Add two scoops of Blackbelt Whey Protein Concentrate Vanilla Protein Powder for even more proteins and enjoy! Serves: … Continue reading Creme Caramel

Crème brûlée

I wanted to modify this famous restaurant delicacy and create something healthier for an everyday menu. This recipe uses stevia instead of regular sugar and one scoop of Blackbelt Whey Protein Concentrate Vanilla for some extra nutrition. If you don’t own a culinary torch, you can simply burn custards in the oven. The taste will … Continue reading Crème brûlée

Cranberry Chia Cupcakes

These healthy cupcakes are ready in no time and definitely one of the best snacks to treat yourself with. They are an amazing combination of nutrient-loaded cranberries, chia seeds, honey, banana, and coconut oil. Add one scoop of Blackbelt Whey Protein Concentrate Strawberry for some extra proteins and enjoy! Serves: 6 Preparation time: 5 minutes … Continue reading Cranberry Chia Cupcakes

Coconut Sliders

Fluffy coconut sliders are easy to make and so amazingly delicious that you’ll be preparing them for years to come. You can easily get creative with this one and try out some other protein powder flavors, or even mix them. I recommend Turkish Delight, Strawberry, and Choc Honeycomb. Whatever you chose, I’m sure you’ll enjoy … Continue reading Coconut Sliders

Classic Chocolate Cake

Everybody loves a beautiful chocolate cake that melts in the mouth. This tasty combination includes two layers of tender crust and two layers of fluffy protein chocolate filling. Optionally, top with some chocolate flakes, shredded coconut, or hot fudge sauce. Enjoy! Serves: 10 Preparation time: 1 hour 15 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Ingredients: For … Continue reading Classic Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Oatmeal with Berries

There is a huge list of benefits behind this amazing oatmeal recipe. This one is based on typical oatmeal combined with some berries, nuts, and Blackbelt Whey Protein Concentrate Protella. However, you can always combine it with some other ingredients and make your own special combination. That’s exactly what makes this recipe so fantastic! Serves: … Continue reading Chocolate Oatmeal with Berries

Chocolate Doughnuts

This traditional doughnut recipe with fruit filling and some rum extract is simply irresistible. You’ll need at least one scoop of Blackbelt Whey Protein Concentrate Choc Honeycomb for some extra protein kick, but you can easily add more. Enjoy! Serves: 6 Preparation time:  40 minutes Cooking time:  15 minutes Ingredients: 4 egg yolks 1 lb … Continue reading Chocolate Doughnuts

Chocolate Cups

For this recipe, you can use any plastic glasses you have on hand just make sure to grease them with some oil or cooking spray. These creative cups will be the talk of the day when you make them. Fill them up with Blackbelt Whey Protein Concentrate Choc Fudge and enjoy! Preparation time: 15 minutes … Continue reading Chocolate Cups

Chocolate Chips Cupcakes

These chocolate chips cupcakes are one of the easiest recipes out there. These little chocolate treats with amazing Blackbelt Whey Protein Concentrate Protella and crispy chocolate chips will melt in your mouth. A beautiful snack to go. Serves: 6 Preparation time:  40 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 1 cup all-purpose flour ½ cup raw … Continue reading Chocolate Chips Cupcakes