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The Staple Value Stack



The Staple Value Stack | Epic Value

Are you looking for your staple supplements rolled into an incredible value-stack? We have you covered!

What’s Included

3kgs’s of Grass-fed Whey protein. Delicious grass-fed protein, loaded with 30 grams of high-quality protein per serve, blended in 19 delicious flavors. Choose a flavor for each kg.

1 x Heisenberg Pre-Workout. Provides unrivaled energy, focus, motivation, and pumps.

1 x Branch Chain Amino Acids. Delivered in the 2:1:1 ratio which has been shown to boost recovery and growth. Select from 10 delicious flavors.

1 x Protein Oats. One of BBP’s most popular products, creamy high protein oats, choose honey or banana. Each serve offers 28 grams of high-grade protein stacked with amino acids, ensuring your muscle recovery is maximized, 24.9 grams of low GI carbohydrates from whole grain oats delivering sustained energy through the day.

1 x Compartmental Shaker. The BBP protein shaker has 3 screw off compartments. The white compartment is sectioned making it perfect for holding vitamins and tablets. The black compartment is ideal for holding additional protein powder or amino acids. Have a 3rd lot of supplements in the protein shaker itself!

The BlackBelt Difference.

In-house manufacturing, raw ingredient traceability, laboratory tested supplements. These are the three pillars that ensure we consistently provide product quality and maintain competitive factory-direct prices. Our passion for delivering quality to our loyal customer base flows into every product, and we make sure every product is exact to specification.