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How it works?

Sign up
After sign up, you will get access to you custom referral ID and you own dashboard
Generate your referral link
Create your own affiliate links in your referral URL generator, it will contain your affiliate ID
Share your affiliate link
Share your link in social media, blog, via email, or messenger
Earn commission from purchases
You'll get a commission from purchases through your affiliate links, you will see the status on your dashboard
Use your store credit or withdraw cash
Register and get a commission
Get Commission
Inside the program
After making a purchase on our website or registering in the affiliate program, you’ll get access to your dashboard and your own affiliate code and affiliate link. On the first tab «Affiliate URLs» you’ll find the Referral URL Generator, press the button «generate url» and copy the referral link, share it anywhere.
In the statistics section you can see always up-to-date data on Visits, Payments, Commission Rate, number of store credits.
A referral is a member of the affiliate program who makes a purchase using your affiliate link. You'll get the commission from your referrals purchase, the information about the orders you can find in your Affiliate Area, at the Referrals tab.
Your commission will be credited to your PayPal account regularly (ones a month), or stored as shop credit and used for future BBP purchases.
How do I get started ?
Sign-up & you'll have instant access to your dashboard. There you will receive your custom referral link.
Where can I share the affiliate links?
You can share your affiliate link anywhere. A great place to put your link is in your Instagram profile.
How can I earn a commission from purchases ?
When a unique customer clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you'll receive a 30% commission. They can make a purchase 30 days after they click your link. It can be cashed out or used as store credit.
How do I receive payments ?
Go to your Affiliate Area > Settings. Enter your PayPal email. The funds are transferred to you 30 days after the sale is made.
Where can I see the statistics ?
Go to your Affiliate Area > Statistics. See up-to-date data on referrals, visits & commission.
How do you handle fraudulent sales ?
We check each sale for the following details.

1. Has the referred user purchased previously?
2. Has the sale been refunded?

We reserve the right the reject the referrals if the above is identified or suspected.