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  • Altitude Training Mask

Altitude Training Mask



What is Altitude Training Mask?

Altitude Training Mask is a cutting-edge respiratory conditioning device that can perk up exercise performance by creating pulmonary resistance during physical exertion. Athletes use this mask to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and gain unparalleled workout stamina.

Training mask is an excellent way to drop off the impact of fatigue in your training sessions. It boosts the threshold potential, activity strength at exhaustion, and stamina during the workout.

Components of Training Mask.

The mask constitutes a cover, regulation system, exhale valve, mask body, and sleeve.

Note: If you are less than 100kgs then you should opt for the Medium. If you’re more than 100kgs , you should opt for the Large.

How Does The Training Mask Work?

Respiratory Compensation Threshold or RCT is responsible for the high-intensity activity. Under normal circumstances, the carbon dioxide levels in the blood influence the breathing system. However, once the RCT is reached, the bodies drive to breathe is determined by lactate levels.

This leads to heavy respiration and fatigue starts to conquer the body’s capacity to maintain exercise intensity. The altitude training mask boosts the RCT to allow the body to put more effort before reaching the point of exhaustion.

Benefits of Using Altitude Training Mask.

  • Fortify your breathing muscles
  • Improve your conditioning
  • Enhance physical and mental energy
  • Pushes your limits

Resistance Levels.

The mask constitutes four different levels of difficulty. You can adjust the level as per your personal fitness. Moreover, you can change the level during your training as per your requirement.

Level 1: Beginner

We recommend the beginner level for those who are trying it for the first time. Once you get used to with its breathing and training with air supply resistance, you can move on to the next level.

Level 2: Advanced

Conventional training methods are not cutting it anymore? Need to push your limits a bit more? Choose the advanced level.

Level 3: Professional

If you are already experienced with the use of training mask, step up your game with the professional level. This level will help you push your limits further and improve your performance.

Level 4: Extreme

Trained to the core and seeking an ultimate challenge? Now it’s time to up your level in the altitude training mask. You can get the last out of your body with a hardcore workout by setting this mask on the extreme level.

We strongly recommend to get used to with the beginner and other advanced levels before trying the extreme level.

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