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  • Cutting stack

Cutting Stack



What is the Cutting Stack? Fat Burner Supplements Stack. 

Are you looking for high-grade whey protein isolate and a cutting edge fat burning formulation? One serve of our delicious WPI contains only 161 calories, with optimal macronutrients. Included in the stack is the most comprehensive fat burner on the market. HydroCut combines 13 active ingredients with a focus on raising the metabolic rate, utilizing fatty acids & preserving muscle mass

What’s Included in the Basic Lean Stack?

  • 3kgs of premium grass fed whey protein isolate (75 serves). Each serve is 40 grams.
  • Hydrocut (30 serves)

Fat Burner Supplements Timing.

Tips for burning fat.

A numbers game. The average male burns 1900 – 2500 calories per day, while the average female burns between 1600 – 2000 calories per day. You need to make sure you are consuming 10 – 20 % fewer calories than your burning each day. Most of your calories are burned simply by being alive (This is called your basal metabolic rate). This means that your body uses most of its energy maintaining a beating heart, correct organ functions, brain activity, and muscle. The more muscle you have, the easier it is for you to burn fat because your body needs to use more energy just maintain its muscle mass. This is why it’s so important to eat high protein meals (such as WPI) so you don’t lose muscle while trying to lose fat. This is why Whey Protein Isolate is such a popular supplement. It provides 35 grams of protein, which assists your muscle maintenance and growth while only adding 161 calories to your daily calorie intake.

Click here to calculate your current basal metabolic rate.

Meal timing & Low Gi Carbohydrates. You want to be eating meals every 3 – 4 hours, aiming for 6 small to medium high-protein meals. Your carbohydrates should come from low GI sources such as brown rice, oats, and sweet potato. Eating consistently through the day keeps your metabolism working, increasing your metabolic rate (your calorie burn rate). Eating Low GI carbohydrates ensures your body doesn’t have spikes in energy, leading to fat gain when the energy is not utilized. Furthermore, it is important to stay away from carbohydrates the closer you get to bedtime, as this energy will not be utilized when you are sleeping. Hydrocut contains ingredients that are proven to boost metabolic rate.

The BlackBelt Difference.

In-house manufacturing, raw ingredient traceability, laboratory tested supplements. These are the three pillars that ensure we consistently provide product quality and maintain competitive factory direct prices. Our passion for delivering quality to our loyal customer base flows into every product, and we make sure every product is exact to specification.